Rant continued: What is junk food?

I wanted to follow up on my blog post about dieting because I realised I referred to ‘junk food’ a lot. Junk food can mean a lot of different things depending on your viewpoint; if you follow a Paleo diet, then most bread and pasta could be junk food. Whereas if you are following a vegetarian diet, then a hamburger could be junk food. So I’m going to address what exactly junk food is, and give you – if it’s even possible – a comprehensive list. Continue reading “Rant continued: What is junk food?”

9 Things I have learned from 14 years of dieting

In true January spirit, I’ve been thinking about my weight and my diet a lot. I felt a sort of societal obligation to try to lose a few pounds and eat really restrictively at first, but then I remembered; I’ve been at this for 14 years now, maybe it’s time to try something different. So after reviewing the successes and failures I have had over those years, here are my lessons learned and hopefully helpful advice: Continue reading “9 Things I have learned from 14 years of dieting”

Spending and saving

It was reported this week that unsecured debt in the UK has reached almost £13,000 per household; so thats debts, not including mortgages or car/large purchase loans. While some houses are doing much better/have no loans at all, some people must be in way worse shape with even higher loans.

And for what? I can’t imagine what you could need £13,000 for. I mean I hope they at least got a boat, or a sweet car, or had one hell of a weekend in vegas. You could stay in the Continue reading “Spending and saving”

New Colours

So my design meeting went well yesterday. The organisation I work for is rebranding in a few months, so we are meeting with the design agency who designed the new brand, to get a better understanding of it and what the underlying intentions are. It’s exciting for me because almost everything I have designed for the past year has had to adhere to a strict and limited amount of colours, and it will be nice to have a change in that respect.

It was also interesting to see what operations are like at a London design agency – it wasn’t quite as colourful and exciting as I expected, but I guess that’s just the outside perspective. Their ideas for how to present the new brand in the video we will make were very good, although very prescriptive.

It’s nice to be home in little Norwich again today; I never want to feel like I do exactly the same thing everyday, but I do like a modicum of routine. I think when I’m walking a familiar route, it gives me more brain space to think about my day, or whats going on in the world; and then, when I’m on holiday, I get completely lost and enjoy focusing all my energy on finding my way in a new place.

Do you like routine? Or do you like things to be different everyday?


I can’t believe this is my first post in October! Sorry guys – I was away this weekend – and I actually wrote half of a post called “Work work work work work” but didn’t get to finish it!

So I am on the train to London again today – filming with some colleagues in my organisation, and then I am going to a design briefing to look at a storyboard for a film we’ll be making in November. All very exciting.

I’ve been feeling a bit down for the past week or so; I’m pretty sure the darker evenings and colder mornings are to blame, but general life stresses will always play a part too. Where will I be working in 6 months time? Will I be able to make enough money? How will I save enough for a year away travelling at this rate?

I am still trying to really focus on spending as little as possible, buying only what I need and appreciating the little things; spending time with family and my boyfriend, and my friends. It’s the time of year for being healthy, watching movies, warm spices in coffees (if you’re into that) and reading more.

I’m reading an old Terry Pratchett book called “Strata” right now, it’s very good. What are you reading? I need some more books to add to the pile!

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