Camping at Gorges du Tarn, France

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Late May to early June, while it’s hot but before the crowds arrive. Parc national des Cévennes, south France. Go for the views, the hikes, the canoeing, and the calm serene atmosphere.

Best tip? Look out for the “Camping Municipal”

It would be difficult to find an unattractive place to camp in the French countryside; every place we visited was breathtakingly beautiful. However, if you’re looking at a map of France and trying to decide where to go, I would recommend picking one of the green Continue reading “Camping at Gorges du Tarn, France”

How to turn a yucky spare room into a bright home office.

It can be really hard to find the time to work on projects like this, but by breaking it down into mostly smaller, 3/4 hour tasks we have completed it. I am so happy to have a calm space to work in, mostly free of distractions! It will also double as a spare room when we move in the sofa bed, so a great double use of the space.


We estimated the total cost of this work, not counting our labour time as a cost, as around £250 :

  • £100 for plastering work (very good deal!)
  • £50 for skirting boards (from BnQ)
  • £60 for paint (various)
  • £7 for mitre box
  • ~ £33 for sealant, glue, sandpaper, dust masks, etc.
  • (we already had brushes, rollers, tools etc. from other work)

Here are the steps we took to Continue reading “How to turn a yucky spare room into a bright home office.”

The problem with a Minimalist wardrobe.

If you read my posts last year about trying to simplify, and in that process, have a simpler wardrobe, you will know that this is something I dreamily aspire to; the perfect minimalist wardrobe, with 30 items of clothing which all go well together and a colour palette that suits me down to a T.

Sadly, this is the real world and that is never going to happen. I definitely wear a lot of yellow and mustard, and that was probably my favourite colour – right up until last week, when I was blessed with a new, mustard-coloured office chair at work. The “Ooh you match your chair” comments have inevitably ensued, and now my mustard love feels over exposed and self conscious.  Maybe it’s time for a new colour (could I ever embrace millennial pink?? hmmm).

And so, Continue reading “The problem with a Minimalist wardrobe.”

What has become of the minimalism theme? and Saving Money.

I started writing a fair few months back about minimalism; the subject really caught my attention because the idea of living more simply seemed so appealing (I was definitely suffering from technology overload!) and because I am always trying to find new ways to make spending less money seem more fun and exciting.

But I am left wondering now; have I drifted off? Or have I continued to simplify my life in a gradual, and perhaps even less conscious way? I think and I hope the latter might be true, because there are several key areas of my life that seem to be becoming ever more minimal.

Firstly, my phone and the way I use it have been changing drastically. My over-spilling pages of apps have been fine tuned into just one page (colour organised, because I’m funny like that) and I finally deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and other social media apps. Since doing so, I find I usually check Facebook once a day in my lunch break or in the evening for a few minutes, and I really don’t miss it. I didn’t delete Continue reading “What has become of the minimalism theme? and Saving Money.”

Lisbon: cold seas, hot beaches, and Pasteis de Belém

One of our more recent adventures; we went to Lisbon in May of last year. With 6 days to explore the city, we managed to fit in a few day trips to explore the Atlantic coast too. Please note that the Atlantic Ocean is a lot colder than the Mediterranean Sea! I was surprised how much colder it was, compared to the temperature on land. Also the city itself is quite hilly, so you will have amazing legs by the time you go home from all the walking up and down.

This picture was taken from the top of the Miradouro do Parque Eduardo VII, one of my favourite Continue reading “Lisbon: cold seas, hot beaches, and Pasteis de Belém”

Con Dao island, when there were only two hotels.

I visited this amazing place in 2007, as part of the same trip visiting Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It’s a tiny island, with only just enough room for a short runway, which runs across much of the island. As you fly in to land, the runway starts at the sea, and for a moment I thought we were going to plunge into the spray before the wheels touched down on the tarmac, seconds later. At the time, I think there were only Continue reading “Con Dao island, when there were only two hotels.”

Interailing in Europe

Is amazing! It’s one of the best traveling experiences I have had. And I would say that’s in no small part due to my wonderful traveling companion; my friend May. I’m not saying there weren’t stressful times and a few tears (normal for a long intense trip?), but she is an amazing person and great fun to travel with. So first and foremost, if you are thinking about going traveling for a month or more, think about who you are going with – do you know them well? Have you been in a stressful situation with them before? Because if you don’t know at the start, you will by the end.

I think maybe this photo is too foreboding for this subject, because all together, it was a brilliant experience, and I would recommend it to anyone, of any age. As long as you are prepared to stay in hostels, and meet lots of new people, you will have a great time.

There are however some really important safety tips I have about this, which I would have found useful on my trip. Firstly, carry a bag or backpack with strong straps. When I was in Barcelona, the second big city on our trip, I had my bag stolen. We were walking back to our apartment after a few vinos and I had a small shoulder bag across my shoulders. I suddenly noticed that I couldn’t feel the weight of the bag on my shoulder anymore, and I turned round to see a short man clutching it. As I turned round, he yanked Continue reading “Interailing in Europe”

A trip to Paris

Me and my beau are going to Paris in a few weeks.I can’t wait! We’re only going to be there for 48 hours, down to the minute, but it’s our first holiday for about 10 months and I think it’s going to be great. Because our time is so short, I have planned everything down to the min- well, down to the half hour. My boyfriend likes to feel wacky and spontaneous, so I have not shared all of my careful planning with him. That way, he gets to feel like things are just happening ‘spontaneously’ (even though I know that the only way we have time to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower is because I booked tickets weeks ago).

We will arrive in London at approximately 10:50, and board the Eurostar at St Pancras International at 12:15. This gives us just enough time to cross London, check in for the trip, and grab croissants and coffee. I have taken the Eurostar once before, but not to Paris; I booked a train during the day so hopefully we will see some nice views along the way.

We arrive at the Gare du Nord Continue reading “A trip to Paris”

Travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap by road

The dusty road was red, the colour of the earth in Cambodia. I can’t explain how bizarre the border crossing was – a cross between apocalypse now and the Las Vegas strip; we had emerged from the sprawling metropolis of Thailand into a no-mans-land, part desert part amusement park. Small children chased after us, begging over and over again for one dollar, please miss one dollar. I conceded and gave them the dollar, partly because I felt sorry for them, but also because I Continue reading “Travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap by road”

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